Tuesday, June 17, 2014

PT06 - mixtape - oz do it better - C48

Peking tapes' sixth release is a special collaboration with long term friends beko disques. This release is a mixtape of amazing tracks from Australian bands, and begins beko’s series of compilations devoted to various continents. The mix showcases a variety of bedroom pop/psychedelia/shoegaze/jangle/slacker anthems.

Cassette pre-orders are available now, as well as digital downloads.
For Australian CS orders go to pekingtapes.bandcamp.com (AU$6)
For European CS orders go to beko.bandcamp.com (€5)

 Side A:
1. Andre - Single town
2. Parading - Try to do a good thing
3. Shrapnel - Baby picks up
4. Cat Cat - Going away
5. Colours - You were mine
6. Day Ravies - Drink the ocean
7. Wizard Oz - Go home

Side B:
1. Cool Sounds - Noise complaints
2.  The Ocean Party - Rocks
3. Grease Arrestor - Strange love
4. Disgusting People - Make you happy
5. Thigh Master - d.d.
6. Snowy Nasdaq - I like being forgotten
7. Moondice - Cape carnivorous

Listen/buy here (AU)
Listen/buy here (EU)